Welcome to The Breakside Brewery Blog

You’ve found us! Welcome to the official Breakside Brewery blog; it’s taken us over two years to sit down and finally start one of these things. In the Internet age, that’s the equivalent of several eons, so why now, you ask? Well, 2012 has been a big year for us already, and we think that there’s even more great stuff to come in the next few months: in May we celebrated our 2nd anniversary and won a medal at the World Beer Cup; this October, we’ll start brewing on our brand new 30 barrel production facility in Milwaukie. We want to share the adventures of growing our brewery and company with our fans, and a blog seems like a great place to do that.

I (Ben) and the other brewers will be the principal contributors to this blog, so it will focus predominantly on the things that are going on in the brewery—both at our Dekum pub and at our new space. You can expect updates on the expansion, discussions of upcoming beers and new releases, philosophical disquisitions on brewing technique and the beer industry, as well as posts about upcoming events and other things related to craft beer.

We hope that our regular readers will come to see what it is that motivates and inspires us at Breakside, what our approach to beer is, and how we dialogue with the larger world of craft food and drink around us.

We hope you enjoy the blog and come back to check in on us often; cheers!

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