The Brewers’ Reading List 9/6/2012

Brewing is hard physical work, but we also try and keep our minds nimble and flexed during the workday. Here’s a set of links to interesting articles that we’ve been discussing and sharing around Breakside:


The Brewers Association has published an article from The New Brewer on incorporating higher end culinary techniques into brewpub menus, as demonstrated by a Michelin-starred German chef.


A few years back, there was some talk of doing a junk food and beer pairing event in Portland; Serious Eats has put together a do-it-yourself guide if you are interested in making it happen.


Andrew Rich’s extraordinary 2011 Sauvignon Blanc has had us buzzing at the brewery, and a recent New York Times report on Loire Valley whites has kept our interest piqued and our palates ready.


If you’ve never been to one of Paul Kasten’s beer dinners at Wildwood Restaurant, you’re missing out. Paul is a good friend, and he is also the best beer chef in the United States. This Friday’s dinner with Upright Brewing is one of the “not to miss” beer events of the month.

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