Dock Sales/Kegs to Go

Interested in having Breakside beer on tap at your home bar? We offer dock sales of our most popular beers. Please note, all dock sales are from our Milwaukie location. We do not do dock sales/kegs-to-go at our Dekum pub.

Here are some FAQs regarding dock sales:

How do I reserve a keg?

  • To reserve a keg, we ask for 4-5 days advance notice.  Email the request to Patrick at [email protected], specifying the style of beer, size of keg, and date of pick up.


Can I pick up a keg without a reservation?

  • No. All kegs must be ordered 4-5 days in advance.


I don’t have a kegerator at home. Can you rent me equipment for tapping the keg?

  • No. We do not currently provide any home draft equipment. This means, no party pumps, ice buckets, CO2 or jockey boxes. In the future this may change, but for now the only thing that we sell is a keg full of beer.


Will you fill my empty keg?

  • Folks with Sankey-style kegs  can drop them off, have them cleaned ($15 surcharge), and then filled. We will offer a 1 week turnaround time on cleaning/fills. We do not clean or fill Cornelius kegs.


What beers do you have available?

  • Our selection is always rotating with 3 or 4 options. Please email Patrick ([email protected]) to inquire about specific brand availability.


Do you charge a deposit? How long is the deposit good for?

  • We charge a $100 deposit on all of our kegs, regardless of size. The deposit is forfeit three months to the day after the purchase. So, for a keg purchased on March 20, the deposit may be claimed through the end of business on June 20. At midnight on June 21, the deposit is forfeited.


If you have any further questions about Dock Sales, please email our dock sales coordinator, Patrick Harris, at [email protected].