Cellarbration 2017

We’re excited to announce our major release event of the year, Cellarbration! From Black Friday to the close of 2017, we’re opening up our vault of vintages for our favorite person… you.

During the 5 week run, we’ll be releasing bottles each Friday. Expect to see wild and sour ales, bourbon barrel aged beers, and extreme rarities. For many of the beers listed below, you will never see them again.


Arranged from largest inventories to smallest:

Strawberry Ballyhoo– Brett heavy wheat beer fermented with, and conditioned on Strawberries (Release date TBD)
Pause for Effect– Mixed culture blend of Saisons aged on over 300 pounds of Apricots (Release date TBD)
Bourbon Aztec– Flagship Strong Ale w/ cocoa and chilis aged in Bourbon Barrels
Bon Vivant– Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale aged in Pinot Noir Barrels
Bricolage– Saison with Brett
Bellwether– Gin Barrel Aged sour double wit
Man Who Made Dessert– Biere de Garde fermented with Brett and aged on Turkish Apricots
Homunculus– Rustic Pale Ale combining Belgian Farmhouse yeast, American hops, and 6 barrel aged brett beers.
Carte Blanche– Gin meets Brett meets hops
Du Cidre/Jouissance– Experimental sour fermented entirely with a mixed culture grown from Spanish and French ciders
4th Wave– Coffee beer aged in Bourbon barrels
Wunder Brett– experimental blonde beer fermented 100% with Brettanomyces, conditioned on aged whole leaf hops, and blended with our Sour Golden ale
Celestial Empire- Sour wheat beer with ginger and rye. Bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces
#MakingFriendsMakingMemories– Flanders-inspired blend of sour ales aged on Oregon-grown raspberries.
Fitzcarraldo– Barrel Reserve cuvee – primarily Belgian Strong Dark aged in bourbon barrels
Dog & Pony Show– Blended sour peach beer fermented in oak
New World Bruin– Flanders inspired sour
Habitus– Gin Barrel IPA
Alan from the Wood– Strong smoked amber ale aged in rye whiskey barrels
Portmanteau– Rich blend of wood aged sour ales
Country Blonde– Belgian blonde ale conditioned on Gewurztraminer grapes fermented with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus
Beaujolais avec brett– Strong sour ale fermented with wild yeast and bacteria and aged on Gamay grapes from SE Wine collective
Braggodocio– London-style Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels
BBSCS– Salted Caramel Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels
Ansatz– Bourbon Barrel aged Smoked Bock
French Quarter– Brandy barrel aged rye wine
Entropy– Blended farmhouse ale aged in Gin barrels
Americaine– Traditional Belgian saison brewed with a kiss of Citra hops
Persona non Grata– Blend of nine wood-aged Brett beers
Old Whiskey Dick– English Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels
Aquavit Barrel aged Braggot– Honey ale aged in Krogstadt aquavit barrel
Elder Statesman– Barleywine aged in Rye whiskey barrels



Friday, November 24: The B Sides

We’re excited to kick things off with our popular release from 2016- The B Sides. All of these beers are barrel aged, blended wild and sour ales with components reaching as far back as 4 years ago. We’ll be pouring trays of these beers at our Slabtown location while supplies last. Bottles will be available at both pub locations (D = Dekum, S = Slabtown).

Man Who Made Dessert (DS)

Homonculus (DS)

Carte Blanche (DS)

#MakingFriendsMakingMemories (DS)

Dog & Pony Show (DS)

Portmanteau (S)

Persona Non Grata (S)

Friday, December 1: Sour and Funky!

This is about as rare a list of Breakside beers that you’ll ever find. And on the week of December 1st, you’ll be able to try them all in one tray (at Slabtown only).

Bricolage (DS)

Jouissance (DS)

Wunder Brett (DS)

New World Bruin (DS)

Country Blonde (S)

Beaujolais avec Brett (S)

Friday, December 8: Gin meets beer

We have always loved the interplay of gin and beer- so much so, that our barrel program has grown to see more gin in our cellar. This release will have some of the smallest inventories of Cellarbration, so don’t delay, get to our NW Location on Dec 8!

Bellwether (DS)

Habitus  (DS)

Entropy  (S)

Celestial Empire  (DS)

Terra Incognita  (S)


Friday, December 15: Bourbon!

No barrel program is complete without the rich elixir from Kentucky. Join us on the last week of the year to try some of our favorite winter warmers along side one another. Be sure to schedule a ride, this is going to be one strong tray (at Slabtown only)!

4th Wave  (DS)

Fitzcarraldo  (DS)

Alan from the Wood  (DS)

Braggodocio  (S)

Bourbon Salted Caramel Stout  (S)

Ansatz  (S)

Friday, December 22: Bourbon Barrel Aged Aztec

*Note: this date has been moved back from Dec 15th.

Our flagship bourbon- barrel aged beer is back for 2017! We’ll be celebrating this year’s release by tasting vintages along side the current release. And, to further celebrate this wonderful beer, the Dekum pub will be running a beer dinner to hilight how well this pairs with a thoughtfully prepared meal. Details to come!

Bourbon Aztec 2017 (DS)

Bourbon Aztec 2016 (DS)

Bourbon Aztec 2015 (DS)

Bourbon Aztec 2014 (S)

Bourbon Aztec 2013 (S)