Back To The Future IPA Bottle Release Party @ Whole Foods in the Pearl – 6/12

Back to the Future IPA, our cross-border collaboration with Seattle’s Fremont Brewing, is the Official Beer of Portland Beer Week! Join us for the Bottle Release Party on June 12th from 5pm – 8pm at Whole Foods Market in the Pearl (1210 NW Couch St,, Portland, OR 97209). We’ll have two versions of the Back to the Future IPA  on tap, alongside Fremont’s Summer Ale and our Old World IPA.

When we set out to make the Back to the Future IPA with Fremont, we knew that we wanted to make a big IPA and showcase some fun hop varietals that don’t get much attention…yet. We specifically chose new varietals that we think have a lot of promise, and it’s named after the futuristic hops used in each version: Jarrylo and Equinox in Fremont’s, and Azacca and Ella in ours. These beers very might well introduce you to new hop varietals that will be front and center in many IPAs to come.