B-Sides Release Party at the Taproom! – 12/10

Come out to our Taproom in Milwaukie this Saturday, December 10 for the 2016 B-Sides Release Party!

We’re releasing 3 new beers from the B-Sides series, all blended barrel-aged sour and wild beers, some of which we’ve been working on for over 3 years.

Unlike the last B-Sides release, we will not be doing this as a ticketed party, but rather we will be releasing the beers during regular hours. The B-Sides that we are releasing this time around are bottle-only, so we will be doing complimentary samples of the bottled beers for anyone who wants to taste before buying.

The following B-side bottles will debut on Saturday and will sell $15/750 ml:

bsides-10-terra-final-labelTerra Incognita

Blend of IPAs aged in Old Tom Gin Barrels with Brett, aged hops, and apricots
Oldest Beer in Blend: 20 months
Youngest Beer in Blend: 6 months
Acidity: Medium
Brettanomyces/Funk: Medium
Barrel Character: High
ABV: 8%


Blend of sour wheat beers aged on raspberries then partially aged in French oak with Brettanomyces
Oldest Beer in Blend: 40 months
Youngest Beer in Blend: 22 months
Acidity: High
Brettanomyces/Funk: Medium
Barrel Character: Low
Fruit: Oregon Raspberries
ABV: 7.5%

bsides-11-camera-obscura-final-label-copyCamera Obscura

A complex blend of dark, oak-aged beers with a touch of Guatemalan coffee. Notes of red berry fruit, java, licorice, Bourbon and currant
Oldest Beer in Blend: 48 months
Youngest Beer in Blend: 21 months
Acidity: High
Brettanomyces/Funk: High
Barrel Character: Medium
ABV: 8.7%

Also Debuting (available on draft and in package)

Mid Century Modern (Abbey Dark Ale) $11

Fourth Wave (22 oz) – $12

Consummation (750 ml) – $14

Sour farmhouse ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels with Brettanomyces lambicus.
Brewed to celebrate the wedding of our brewer Will Jaquiss
Oldest Beer in Blend: 12 months
Youngest Beer in Blend: 12 months
Acidity: Medium
Brettanomyces/Funk: High
Barrel Character: Medium
ABV: 6.2%

Other Library Bottles Available (available for sampling and sale)

Bon Vivant ($12)

Bricolage ($14)

5 x B-Sides Round 1 (all $14)

-Carte Blanche
-Annus Mirabilis
-The Man Who Made Dessert

Specialty Tap List:

Fourth Wave

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aztec




French Quarter (Brandy Barrel-Aged Rye Wine)

Gin Barrel-Aged Wisco

Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Imperial Belgian Black