Current Seasonals

CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale)

While at this year’s Great American Beer Festival, the Breakside brewers were struck by a number of delicious American Stouts. These beers were hoppier than most traditional versions, with little to no roasted malt bitterness. Thus we decided we should make our own hoppy American Stout, otherwise known as a Cascadian Dark Ale!

Toro Red

A smokey amber ale designed in collaboration with Chef John Gorham of Toro Bravo, this beer is intended to pair with his restaurant’s spicy, rich, and layered tapas menu. For additional resonance between the beer and John’s food, we used a touch of Espelette pepper in the bright tank.

Breakside Black Ale

Neither a porter nor a stout nor a black lager, this is a balanced dark beer with an elegant malt character.

Szechuan Blonde

Finally a light beer made to warm you in winter! This is our interpretation of the classic “Chili Beer” that many brewpubs made in the 1990s. Instead of using the jalapeno or green bell peppers that many of those breweries used, we’ve approached this chili beer by way of the Szechuan cooking: a mix of red chilies and prickly ash give this beer a unique mouthfeel and effect on your tongue. You’ll sweat, you’ll go numb, and you’ll want some more.